I want to clear sheet without excel in my machine

hello connecion ,
i want to use clear sheet but i dont have excel in my machine

Hi @Shubham_Bidwai

  1. Clear Range - This activity allows you to clear the data from a specified sheet, range, or table. You can use it with an Excel file selected for a parent

  2. You can also try with Invoke VBA activity - This method allows you to execute custom VBA code to clear an excel sheet using macros.

dim ws as worksheet
Set ws = Sheets ("Sheet1")


in that way excell need to install or not and where to add the expression

Hi @Shubham_Bidwai

You need to install the MS Excel in your PC. And you this below expression in the Invoke VBA activity

Hi @Shubham_Bidwai ,

Could you Check the below post :

Maybe using workbook activities also we will be able to achieve your required output.

Let us know if this post was not helpful.


You can use workbook write range with empty data and uncheck headers option so that all the data from excel will be removed


after adding empty data table shows error @Anil_G


You have to initialize the datatable …use a build datatable and just add one column…dont add any data…


it was only remove one row after built data table @Anil_G


Yes this how you have to do…Makesure you remove one blank row as well

Or you can have it like that and run it…Ideally it should clear


okay thank you @Anil_G

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