I want to check all columns with multiple if conditions by a splitted value from row value and i want to count them all

Hi everyone, i want to find total number for each “E”,“I”,“S”,“N”,“T”,“F”,“J”,“P” according to first letter in the column B. How can i do this? Thanks for help.

Thats my workflow:

JUNGIAN 16 TYPES SONUÇLAR.xlsx (14.2 KB) Jungian 16 Types.zip (7.6 KB)


I solved the problem like this thanks for the help :slight_smile:
Main.xaml (43.1 KB)

JUNGIAN 16 TYPES SONUÇLAR.xlsx (14.3 KB) Sequence.xaml (10.1 KB)

  1. format of excel have been changed a bit kindly refer to this file.
  2. the output of workflow is working and the output is a dictionary data type which can used for writing the data in excel accordingly.
    if you need further chenges then reply.

Nilay Varshney

Thans for reply but it’s not a solution i want to count matching values for each row.

matching with whom? Can you give an example please

first row of B column starts with “b” and i checked all columns with that value and i found it on F column so F+1

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Sequence2.xaml (8.2 KB)
dictionary contains all the values.
2 is reffered as E,3 as I,and so on…
Hope it solves