I want to add 2 types of the values in the datatable


I am trying to add the values in Amount in local currency Column where the Clearing Date Column has Blank Values or Current month Values.

Check the screenshots and guide me regarding this.

Thanks in advance.

What you want to add in this columns??
If you have static values then
1.Read Range : for reading the sheet data
2.For Each Row : Iterate the Row
3.Assign : inside For Each row —say row(" Amount in local currency")=Value which u want to add(ex. row(" Amount in local currency")=“500”)
similarly for Clearing Date as (ex row(" Amount in local currency")=“09/12/2019”)
4. Finally use Write Range and dont forget to check add header in properties of Write Range


I am trying to add the values in amount in local currency where the values of clearing date is *empty or current month.

so add condition in for each as i told earlier
Use If activity
condition: row(" Clearing Date").tostring="" or String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(" Clearing Date").tostring)
In then Part
add data by assigning :::: row(" Amount in local currency ")=Value which u want to add
In else :::: left