I want my Dark/Light themes back!

Hey everyone,

We have recently switched over to using the Cloud Orchestrator and where we previously had two separate servers, one for DEV and one for PROD, we now have on Organization and the DEV/PROD split is done at Tenant level.
I used to have a system, to instantly tell what instance of Orchestrator I am on, namely, the dark/white themes. I used one for DEV, and one for PROD.

Life was beautiful! :sunflower: :hibiscus: :rose:

Now that we switched over, we have 12(I think) colors to pick from, for a tenant. However, what these colors change is as follows…

Yeah, it’s that subtle… :wilted_flower:

The request
Give me the option to pick a theme per tenant, please! :slight_smile:


Hi Andrei,
We do show the tenant name at the top as well to identify which tenant you are on, apart from the header colour. While I have taken your feedback for themes per tenant, but wondering if that’s not enough, let me know.

Hi @paresh.joshi,

Not for me. :sweat_smile: I am aware of both indicators but they just don’t have the same impact as the theme does. They’re much easier to overlook than having the entire screen black or white.

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