I want help/solution from master

i have one excel sheet with full data and here one cell is empty and i want add data to an empty cell from other cell what i do plz give me solution for that issue

Hi @Shubham_Bidwai ,

Can you share some sample file and tell us what you need to fill in that file?


Can you be more elaborate …from
Where youw ant to get data…and is there only one empty cell…if multiple then what data to fill…

Is the empty cell already known or we should find it…?

Is that there in any specific column or can be anywhere


Hi @Shubham_Bidwai,

Do you want Copy Sheet/Cell value?


@Anil_G @Manish540 @aliaga
I am extraction the data okay and they have multiple column like (name,task,comment,etc)
if in task column any cell is empty the the data replace from comment column

Hi @Shubham_Bidwai

*Use for each row to loop through each row
*Inside for each use if condition and check String.IsNullOrEmpty(row("task).toString)
*If it is empty assign row(“task”)=row(“comment”).toString else row(“task”)=row(“task”)


@Suraj_B_Shetty can u elaborate or snippet for the activity


Use for each row in excel activity inside the use excel activity

And then

Inside the loop use if condition

IsNothing(Currentrow.Field("firldname")) OrElse String.IsNullOrEmpty(currentrow.Field("fieldname").ToString.Trim)

On the then side use

Currentrow.field(“fieldname”) = currentrow.field(“nextfieldname”).ToString


Hi @Shubham_Bidwai
Read excel using read range and store it in dt_input variable and then perform the following steps.

@Suraj_B_Shetty thanks

@Anil_G thank you

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