I used For Each Row in Data Table, but its randomly jumping over row

The bot for some reason jumps over the “Full Name” row randomly.
There 4 roles - Full Name, Phone #, Department, and Email in my data table.

The program runs fine, just randomly skips the name section. Please advise! Thanks


From where you are getting the Data?

Place log message activity inside the For each and try to run, so it will list the output


Reading from a csv file. Into a string variable. And out putting into a survey.

The program runs fine, just skips some of the data on the data table.

Will try with logMessage.


Activity which is in inside of loop is getting executed only thing is you’re unable to see it typing.
so please apply a breakpoint over that activity, check if it’s executing or not.


Hi @Shi_Wang

check if "Sequence " activity having “Open Browser” is not inside any other Loop.
Check Variable Scope