I upload a excel file which contain product list and then search in Amazon and flipkart simultaneosly


I have to ask the user to upload an excel file that contains a product list and then search that product in Amazon and Flipkart simultaneously and download them with the estimated delivery in your city.
Can anybody help?



Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a BUILD DATATABLE activity and build the table structure with four columns like Item_1, Amazon_DD, Item_2, Flipkart_DD
    and get the output as dt_final

  2. Now Use a excel application scope and pass the file path as input and read the DATATABLE with read range activity and get the output named dt

  3. Then use a for each row activity and pass dt as input

  4. Inside the loop use a OPEN BROWSER ACTIVITY and pass the url of Amazon
    Inside that use type into activity and pass the value you got from excel file

  5. Then use a GET TEXT activity and indicate the element which shows the delivery date as a string named stroutput_1

  6. Now outside this open browser but still being inside the loop use another open browser activity and pass the url for flipkart and repeat the same steps from step 4-6 and get the output named stroutput_2

  7. Still being inside the loop next to second open browser use a ADD DATAROW activity where in property panel mention as
    ARRAYROW = {value_1,stroutput,value_2,stroutout_2} and in DATATABLE mention as dt_final

Then you can write write range activity with dt_final as input

Cheers @mnk

@Palaniyappan But through this process How I get data of various items like Price,Ratings etc. Not only for one searched item but for many items.


Yeah all the values can be fetched with get text activity and it can done for consecutive rows as well