I think the both options will be the answer for this question

Hello @loginerror

For the following question in (Orchestrator for RPA Developers (V2019.4)), the answer can be both because there is no specific question asked about the property or Default



Yes, But if we have given the TimeOut then the Default 30 seconds will not execute

Considering that they choose the last option as correct

But we can ask the team to make this apply two answers as correct

Maybe change in option of 30 Seconds when timeout property not selected

I’m looping forum manager @loginerror to look into this and ask for opinion



Thanks and also I got another question in the same course

Only one GEH can be crated for throughout one project right?


yes we can use only one global exception handler for each project

Thank you for the note, I informed our Academy team and it will be fixed :slight_smile:

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