I take the Screenshot and store in Date and Time Format and i need to attach that image in SMTP mail?

Hi Team

Hi @ovi @jibanjyoti

I am Taking a screenshot and Saving image in Date and time format and then that image i need to attachment in SMTP Mail Message How it is possible?

Eg: image file name : 041820180755.png
image Save Location : c:\user\ravi_d\UiPath\Project1\041820180755.png

But In my SMTP Mail Message Attachment: c:\user\ravi_d\UiPath\Project1-------------------?


Is your workflow for saving the image and sending email in the same project?

If yes then you can store your filename in a variable and then append that variable to the path of your attachment.

Like this: β€œc:\user\ravi_d\UiPath\Project1" + filename +”.png" where filename will be β€œ041820180755”.

Let me know if that’s not what you are looking for.

Rammohan B.


My File Name is each time differ !! i want to Fetch that image from my location automatically to attachment and i need to send mail

Yes, But before that few processs also happening like Import and Calculation ,take screenshot,saveimage,attachment,send a mail!


Hi @Rammohan91 ,

I need to achieve that " I am sending a mail to corresponding person and in that all content i need to store in Database table It is possible to achieve through UiPath ".

For sending a mail : I used the Read Text File and SMTP Mail Message to send a mail successfully happening.

After that in that mail content like To,Subject,Date Time, all Details i need to store in Database Table How it is Possible ?