I receive error 1004 (The account already exists) when assigning a role to any user

Hello there,
As the title says, when I try to assign a role to a user I receive the error 1004 (The account already exists). I’m running a trial version and trying to learn how the platform works while following the RPA Developer Foundation course doing the exact same steps.

Were you assigning a role to the user at the Tenant level, or adding a user to a folder?

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As the course says, I first access the Tenant level, in fact it the UI displays the following route: Tenant > Manage Access > Assign roles > Assign roles to a User.

Ok, and maybe just to check, does the user you’re trying to assign the role to already exists in the Manage Access page?

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Oh yes, it automatically added the user when I’ve created it. I’ve delete it, and then assigned the role and it worked! I guess something has changed since they made the tutorial, because it doesn’t happen like this in the demo. Thanks a lot for the insight hehe!

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