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Vijay you are right. I have been writing a code all night. Here is the whole question:

A matrix of order 3X3 or m X n in general is shown below.

4 5 8

3 9 11

7 3 6

The same matrix is written out in a liner, vertical fashion, row by row is shown below.










Take the case of 11. It is in the 2nd row and third column – or in general at (i, j) = (2, 3)

When written in the liner fashion, 11 is the 6th element in the sequence, or in general Nth


Can you derive a formula for I and j and write a program for finding the i, j for the Nth element of the

liner sequence, given the order of the matrix is m X n?


in other words, formulate i and j as a function of m, n and N

i = f(m, n, N)

j = f(m, n, N)

Thank you Daniel.

Hi @chris_ollows

so your matrix will look like

4 5 8
3 9 11
7 3 6

so when you enter any row, column index you need that particular value. am i right?
Ex: Row - 3 and Col - 0 then you should get 7


The math here is not too complex.

For the row index take the ceiling of N/columnCount.
For the column index take the modulus of N/columnCount. If the modulus is 0 set the index to column count.

To use your example of 11, at position 6:
rowIndex = Ceiling(6/3) = Ceiling(2) = 2.
columnIndex = 6%3 = 0. Since it’s 0 we set it equal to columnCount = 3.

Keep in mind that arrays are zero-based and this does not take that into account.
In reality, item “11” is at (1,2) not at (2,3). To account for this just subtract one from the results here.

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