I ran into a strange dynamic selector and had difficulty selecting it

Can you read it? It starts at the beginning of the page as the first one, and as soon as you slide the dropdown box it starts again from the first one. Can this kind of selector still be positioned sequentially with a dynamic selector.

Hi @Uddynitjh,

Try with the anchor base activity.

@Uddynitjh Try this

  • Indicate the first row
  • Now, you can see the row and column value in the selector, if not enable those attributes in the selector using Uiexplorer
  • Open the selector and change the row value to the number which is sequential from just before sliding (Ex: Before sliding the row value is 4, after sliding the next drop down row value becoming to 1, instead of 1, give row value as 5 in the selector)
  • Now check which drop down got highlighted
  • Also, please remove CSS and Parent ID attributes from your selector (you can do it from Uiexplorer)

Don’t slide down while trying this

OK, thanks for your answer, I’ll test it first.

OKOK, thanks for your answer, I’ll test it first.

Changing the number of the selector directly prompts an error that the selector could not be found.

This has hundreds of input boxes, and using anchor bases would require setting hundreds of anchor bases, which is a bit too much work.

Okay @Uddynitjh,

You will need to see the pattern in the selector and then you can use the for each activity which will input all the entries in all the rows.

check the pattern for the selector and make it dynamic.

row =1 column=1

row =2 column=1

row =3 column=1

row =4 column=1

If it is in this way then you will need to simply create the variable and pass it to selector, also please make sure to increment the variable in the for each loop.

I hope this will help.


It doesn’t run perfectly to the end and automatically jumps to the bottom.

Hi @Uddynitjh ,

Can you please to load all the data first then scarpe it. Fully loading means before extracting the data goto the bottom of the data by scrolling then extract.


It has been fully loaded successfully and jumped to the following automatically.

In your video it shows as you scroll down it loads the page so again the row count initiated to 1. the pagination is loaded with scroll.

Can you see the url when you scroll down is there any changes in the url ?

Url is unchanged.

Show the url after scrolling down please

Yes, URL has not changed.

Is it possible to share the URL. Without analyzing the page it would be difficult to suggest the solution

You are quite right, but this is not a public website, you need to log in to the company’s internal account.

You guys can have a zoom meeting together. @Uddynitjh @manjula_rajendran

@Uddynitjh Will the number of drop down boxes are constant or will it vary

The number of input boxes is fixed.