I need you help to to make this process quick


Please fine the attachment
01.xlsx (61.0 KB)

help me to get a linq method to do followings:

  1. collect a one whole row of each invoice number (invoice number is repetitive)
  2. sum the Incident Cost based on invoice number (=sum(L2:L85))
  3. add a column and write same random number for all rows.
  4. match report type with mapping sheet and replace it with system

I’m able to do it by uipath activities but its too time consuming, can you please write a linq query. please

Hi @Dmitri00007,

That’s a myth. Standard UiPath activities are not slow. Please read this thread from @postwick to know why.

For your excel data, standard activities can be as fast at the linq query. My two cents.

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Totally agree with @jeevith . I have seen this with huge volume of records as well.

Sruthi YNM

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