I need to use ctrl+shift+down(10 times)

Hello Community,
I need to solve this problem.
I need to use ctrl+shift+down(10 times)
This is not works

Use a For Each in conjunction with Send HotKey.


Put the typeinto in an iteration.
While count <= 10, use typeinto with one “CTRL + SHIFT + down”

Don’t write 10 times.

Hi @Jesmine
This does not work indeed. As K is a keypress and it does not hold it. So you press Ctrl and then shift and down in that order.

You can try U(p) and D(own)
[d(ctrl)][d(shift)][k(down)][k(down)] ... x10...[u(shift)][u(ctrl)]

Or loop it in an if statement 10 times like:

Or use @DanielMitchell idea :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! GL

Edit: Daniels idea is best if it works. :+1: :

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Thanks @rachrahul2 I need this type of solution.
it’s doesn’t work.This loop is continue. Any sample code?

Look at daniels one.

If you want to do it different you need to add 1 to i

But just do @DanielMitchell one…

Here you go.
You need to assign value first.

@DanielMitchell solution will work too.


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