I need to take an screenshot using CV (Virtual Environment)

Hi all! I’m working in an automation in which I have to take a screenshot from SAP. SAP is open in a Virtual Desktop (Citrix), so I’m trying to use CV tools in UiPath. I also tried using the normal “Take Screenshot” tool but it was not useful because I need only the screenshot of the table, not of the whole VD screen.
Can someone help? Thank you in advance!

Hi! Welcome to the community!

could you please send us the snap of that page.


Hi! What do you mean with snap? Thanks for your help!


Take a picture of that page and paste it here. So that will get to know what kind of data you’re dealing with.

If you wants to get the Table Scrape it and dump it to an data table.

We have an activity called Excel Range to Image

You can get the only table.



Hello @IvanOaks

Can you try taking the screenshot with the classic screenshot activity . In that you dont need to provide the selectors.

I need to take an screenshot of the table showed in the image. The problem here’s that SAP is working in a Virtual Desktop, so I’m using Computer Vision tools (if I use the normal screenshot tool, it takes a screenshot of the whole screen, and I need that but only of the table). Do you know how can I achieve it?

Thanks for your help!