I need to split the date , time , messages and name

Any one help me with this!

may i know how we want the output

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date as var, time as variable, messages as variable and name as variable

so that i can easily store that data in a database

Use regex or string manipulation to get the desired output and then use loop to add it into Data table.


any one having that format!

Share the text and specify what is name,message,date and time

new.txt (15.0 KB)

the text file is starting with the date and next is who created the group and next is the time after to time is the name who sended the messages and after semicolon is the message that the sender has sended

Try this regex.

See the groups

for date


without regex there is possbility to split this!

Using string manupulation

I need the format for string manipulation and i am a begginer to uipath please consider this!


Hi @pravin98

Use read text file activity and pass the string variable

and then create a StrArray of string type


and then use for each item in strArray

and print the item and then use add data row to bind the data to datatable

Ashwin S

but its displaying system.string

it is array of string type @pravin98
use for each loop to print the data