I need to select main and subcategories of Amazon KDP book upload

Hello Everyone, so I have an excel file that has a list of main and subcategories in a single cell separated by a “>” sign given in the picture below:
Picture 1
I have managed to select the categories names one by one using split string activity but now I can’t figure out how to select them in the categories list of the browser, given below:
Picture 2

The problem I am facing here is that the last subcategory as can be seen is “General” which is present is some other categories as well so it is giving me a tough time.

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This means you read it in a variable and now you have one string variable that stores the entire data as it is in cell(as in Picture attached) ?

The picture2 data can also be split using regex or even simple spilt function.
Split(strVariable,Environment.Newline). This will give you array with one category as one array element

May be it would be more easy to suggest something if we have that excel cell content in excel not in picture