I Need to schedule my xaml File "Daily i need to execute at 1'0 clock" In Task Scheduler not working Fine




How to scheduler my xaml file ?

using Task scheduler below video link i saw and done the settings but it not working Fine?

Then What is the Alternative way to execute that?



Hi Ravi,

Windows Task Scheduler is not supported anymore. In order to schedule a task now you need to use Orchestrator. Please see this post: Scheduling a bot.

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Scheduling UiPath tasks while using the Community version

What is the problem while working with task scheduler?


Hi @shankm

As per video information i have tried the same its not happening for me ?

i tried in my Local PC and server Too it’s not working

can you help me to do that !!!



I have scheduled a process in a windows server 2012 R2. And it’s working fine.
Can you explain me what you did and what’s the output?


Hi @shankm

i am using this one : 1

In Configure Options available are : 2

So i need to install the windows server 2012 R2 then only it will be working Fine ya?.


Hi @shankm

this is i am trying in my Local syatem only.

In My server we installed the windows server 2012 R2
I have completed few process in workflow through xaml file.

Now in my server i cannot able to execute the xaml file show an error : “Authentication error message” user is Denied.

After I Restart the server i can able to execute the xaml file only one time if again i execute the same xaml file through an same error. “Authentication error message” user is Denied.
why ? what is the reason. i Don’t Know

@shankm can you please guide me what is the Error is there ?

Please find the Error screenshot :



Hi @shankm

Are you there?


Does anyone have an update on this?


Hi, does it still works?


Yes, it’s working. But the the machine needs to be logged on . Since I am using a virtual machine, I can keep the machine up 24hr.


Correct me if I am wrong. So in windows server 2012 R2, UiPath tasks can be scheduled using task scheduler.