I need to open the production machine

Whenever I ran a hot from orchestrated, I need to open production machine.if I don’t open the machine it doesn’t click on the SharePoint site.Could you pls tell me how to do it?

Hi @Cuberoot

You need to install the Service mode as the robot type

Check out this thread


Hello @Cuberoot

Please confirm whether you have installed Robot in service mode. Also is it happening only for one click activity?


If you sign into the server with the robot account (you shouldn’t) you have to SIGN OUT. Don’t just close the RDP window. SIGN OUT from the start menu.

Before that process all the bots are running fine in the orchestrator.

Hi @Cuberoot ,

As suggested by our Forum leaders could you please check the BOT(which you are unable to run the SharePoint process) you installed as service Mode or User Mode. if you install the BOT as user mode you cannot run the process as un attended.

you mentioned that before this process runs all other bots are running do you mean that there other processes running in the bot you mentioned are successful. are those process use any UI or only background automation you are doing.

if you are continuously facing issue with the SharePoint site and if the bot installed in service mode. please make sure all the user logged out from the BOT vm before you are trying to run the process. and also you could try automating the SharePoint site in background mode by suing custom SharePoint activities if SharePoint in on-prem or if it is in azure we could create application id and try to run the automation in SharePoint background mode.

if you need any more details please share here so that you could get more help from the forum. thanks.