I need to move downloaded two or more pdf

my RPA bot has downloaded two pdf and that name is like “TransactionItem”.pdf , “TransactionItem2”.pdf
and in that folder two other pdf is also available but i need just move downloaded pdf.

You can use the “move file” activity to move the files anywhere you need. You can rename it during the move, or keep the file name the same

Hello @rAE_rAS

As a first step of your automation you can move the current files to a backup folder using move file activity.
Then download the files which you required and move the files.

Else you can use find files\folder activity and then use move file actiity.


Hi @rAE_rAS,

I am giving you generic solution for this case.
I can understand when you are downloading file and same name file also present in the folder and you don’t know about it. It will add number automatically with file. To avoid from this,

Please use " wait for download activity"
This activity will store full path of your file.
You can see path by printing path.

After downloading use “move file activity” and from section place path of file which is store in veriable.

Happy learning

go through it

it give you file object that has sufficient info of the file to performed such action like move, rename file after download.

Happy Automation