I need to increment Selector

Hi I need to Add 1 to the count into the selector

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Chethan P

The recommended solution is, you can increment the counter in a temp variable and pass that temp variable in the selector.


Before to the activity where you have kept this selector use a ASSIGN ACTIVITY like this

Count = count +1

And if we use now the activity with this selector having variable then incremented value will be passed

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Before your loop you can use Assign and create a int32 variable as below

Counter = 0

so Inside the While loop you can use Assign activity and increment as below

Counter = Counter + 1

For For Each / For Each loop you can use Index in the properties

Hope this may help you


You could do the following β€œ<xnd…” + (integer+1).ToString + β€œ/>” which would be an inline selector assignment.

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