I need to identify the value of text in text document but that text occur multiple time


I had a requirement. In attach document a word CKID display with NONE value and sometimes this value change like in place of NONE some other value come. Now i want to get all CKID value from document and store them in one document which is final Document. Please help.
Test.txt (16.4 KB)

give a try with regex:


This i put in for each like below to get all ckid value from document.

@Puneet_Singh1 -

1.After the write text file, use the ‘Matches’ activity, In the Input field provide your output from Write Text file variable.
2. In the Pattern Field - give the pattern shared by ppr…
3. Output(Ctrl+k) which will give you the IEnumerable value.
4.Now, in the for each, Use the IEnumerable value from the Step 3.
5. Use write Line, Item.value.tostring - it will print all the ckid values…

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also have a look here:

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Its not printing the CKID value.

@Puneet_Singh1 - Please go through the post again which PPR shared…you can find how to use Regex…

In the write Line : YourRegexouputvar(0).value.tostring…

@Puneet_Singh1 - please find the starter help here…

For Each Type is Object here…

Thanks @prasath17 and @ppr

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