I need to grab the graphs which are in image format. But the problem is image is changing continously. How to save the image?

As it is private website i cannot post the recording which i done. But I will attach the screen shot and selector please help me on resolving this issue.


Selector:: webctrl parentid=‘img_chart_579610899’ tag=‘IMG’ />

This parentid is changing continuously when ever login is performed. Because of it i’m not able to save the image.Please help me on resolving this issue

Is parentid the only reliable selector for it. Did you check if there is any other attribute that may be more stable and doesn’t change with different sessions.? May be like ‘aaname’, check this using UiExplorer for few different instances.

Also, if thats the only chart in the page with the ‘parentid’ attribute, you can make it dynamic by adding a placeholder as below:
<webctrl parentid=‘img_chart_*’ tag=‘IMG’ />

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

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