I need to get these data into excel

i need to get the data from the above table which is desktop application into excel. But it is not in table format, so we are not able to get the data by using screen scrapping and data scrapping also. Can any one suggest the possibilities to do this.

You could use the FindChidren activity. This can identify all elements on the screen and their values. You can then filter out those you do not need using the ‘Filter’ property for that activity.

By using the find children I am getting all the child elements. Then I am using get attribute to get the “title” of the child element(UI Element) but the value is coming as Empty. Any idea about this? Do we have any other approach to get title of the child element.

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I seen this post many times .By the way is that a Data grid in Desktop Application ?

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are you sure that the attribute you are returning is the correct one?

can you show us a full selector for one of the elements you wish to grab, for example, the Rate Type in row 1?

Use this link for your reference.

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