I need to get a particular column values and send the mail as attactment

hello all
i need to get the particulat values if the column having the values that values only i need to pick and send as mail attactment

Use Read Range to read sheet data
Then use For Each Row for that Datatable
Then In that For picking column value for current row use Row(“Column Name”).ToString
and store this in a variable
then For mail activity in Attachments u can use this assigned variable

i need to fetch the paricular value for example the column consists the values like NI,CI,NI,CI i need to fetch only the ci values not the whole column

You means to say for those rows in which particular Column consist of “CI” mail will be sent ?
If yes then before for each row you should use Filter Datatable

yeah exactly! i need to fetch the values from paricular column consists of CI and send mail as attactment
and in the attacment its conists of column name and only CI values in the cells
can you share me the worked examples like xaml file.

You should Try then like this
Use Read Range ----------------Give sheet name in that and output will be stored in a variable say DT1
Then Use Filter Datatable for that Use
Input DT1 and Output DT2
Use Keep Property
Use condition as
in column give Column Name and Use = or Contains condition
and in values Give “CI”

It will give you a new datatable which are having on CI values in that columns
U can write them in a new File using Write Range and then can add this in a attachment by giving that file path