I need to find a value and select the arrow on the side when that value is found

I’m stuck in a situation, I type a value and when he finds this value, selects it in a list in the arrow on the side, does anyone have any ideas how to solve it?

Hey @amarianoss,

what are you working with here, is this a web based application, desktop or an excel file?

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Hello, SenzoD!
I have this problem in a web application.

Please take a screenshot of what the page looks like.

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SenzoD, the

e web application is private, so I can only show the idea, unfortunately, this is it.

SensoD, basically, it is to type a value and click on the corresponding value arrow.

Use a loop to though all the search results, and inside the loop use a get text activity, and then an if to check if the values match and if its a match click it

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Hi @amarianoss,

You can use anchor base activity to find the element and click on corresponding element, You can also mention the position of the element to click on i.e. right,left

please find the screenshot for further, Understanding


Hi @amarianoss,

Here are the step you follow to complete the task

  1. You use input dialog to take input from the user.
  2. use Type into activity to type the input in the search bar
  3. used Anchor base Activity like that
    a. used find element in the Anchor side and used variable in the selector to
    make it dynamic
    b. used click activity to the Activity Side.
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Thank you very much for the tips, I will do the tests. The steps I will have to follow are:

  • Type a number in the search.
  • In the list that will appear, I will have to identify the number and click on the arrow in front, without the risk of errors. Can I do the guidelines that you also gave with the images?

Hi @amarianoss,

You need to indicate it in Find element

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Hi @amarianoss try this way

  1. Use type into activitiy to type the value into search panel

  2. After typing u will get a list of search results then try to go for datatscrapping the values and the arrow( while scrapping u might link by which u can navigate data instead of clicking the arrow) and store the datatscrapping results in dt1 datatable

Using lookup datatable activitiy try to look up for the value in dt1 and extract corresponding url

  1. Then attaching browser window use navigate to activitiy providing the url obtained to move to required page ( which is same as clicking the arrow corresponding to the value )

Hope it helps :blush:

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Hi @Adee, @Akshay07, @SenzoD and @NIVED_NAMBIAR thank you very much for your help, today I tried again and it worked! My question now is how to change the selector value, as it will be an external input value.

Hi @amarianoss you can used Variable in the aaname value in the selector to make find element dynamic

you can used variable in the selector to make it dynamic see the image for your reference.