I need to extract the table

I need to extract the table from the Mail Body How to extract data from table in mail
i try like use extract the body and save it in text.mht band i try to extract but its not working what to do any one suggest me how to extract data

Example Am giving in the bellow screen shot i need to extract the mark data
that is after extract the data from the mail Body I get the table of that body like this

Actually its look like this

How to extract the table data from the mail and save it in the excel
name, no of days worked, …
Hello Chethan,

PFB… Details of wages in the month of April’2021.

Name No of Days No of Days worked PL/SL Days Total Fixed Gross Salary Salary Earned Incentive Advance O/B Adv this Month Adv Deduction CSR PF + ESIC + PT Labour Welfare fund Total Deduction Net Wages Payable
Chethan.P 30 27 3 30 20000 20000 0 400 1415 1815 18185

Chethan P

Hi @copy_writes
There is activity for extracting the table from uipath.

or u can use this way

After reading the mail body, u will get data in HTML format, tables will be enclosed within

tags, so using regex u can be able to extract all the data in between

That is another possibility u can try on

Nived N
Happy Automation

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Which activitie that