I need to extract particular data or information form mail body, in attached image, i need to extract only short description data

Hi @rajthyaga53

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How about this regex expression




i can understand that you have matched string value , but real scenario is short-description will be changing from each mail, it will not be fixed string value. thank you

Share some more input @rajthyaga53 , What data you need to extract from the mail body? @rajthyaga53

in the screenshot i attached, i need to extract short-description data, which may change for every new mail

Id short-description is the static one in the syntax @rajthyaga53

yeah ok, i’ll try the regex expression and let you know

Try this expression and let us know if you face any issue @rajthyaga53

Hi , sorry for the delay,
in the expression you have provided, " YourString " is static right?
but in my case the extracting data will be non-static.

im trying to extract whatever comes after ’ short-description’ ,
the data might change for every new mail

This your Input side that you need to give @rajthyaga53