I need to extract all the details from invoices pdf and line item describtion quantity and all the fields and i need to do this for all pdf files in the folder

Hi Aparna good to know it worked for you…
You have to put them in a loop after getting the files from d directory.
Get files using directory getfiles then
Could you put all the activities from digitize till end in a loop
You will get d result

Still if u face issues just get in touch

Hi Aparna,

You can use the datatable from the export extract data to create another data table append the values to the line item table

The data when extracted outputs two tab one formatted and other normal so in one format the $ is ignored by the activity itself
You will get 4 datatables for each invoice:
-2 for normal Invoice fields
-2 for line items for table data
ForumInvoice.xaml (76.6 KB)

Attaching the xaml for looping multiple files in a folder
docPath= Place the path of the folder containing invoices

Place the UIPath Document OCR in the Digitize activity if that is missing for you
Attached a screenshot of the dependencies and OCR
UiPath.System.Activities and ML Services not required for you
ForumInvoice.xaml (76.6 KB)

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It is running fine…but it is taking 2 mints of time to run and i want all the invoices to be in this excel file dont want the seperate file…could you please help me…Thanks you for your efforts
InvoiceDataTemplate.xlsx (12.2 KB)

Hi Aparna,
Ya i got it…try to loop through the line item data table and add the Simple Fields normal values to each row.
then write range the datatable in your excel.
You have to play with the datatable data to get your output.
I have just extracted it in different excels for your understanding