I need to delete the row which the row contain only date

Hello Family, I need to delete the row Which Contains only the Date and the row is null so I need to delete the row that contains only the date

I Use the remove method inside if a condition I fail in that can anyone help me

Chethan P

Why don’t you filter the results using Filter DT before writing it @copy_writes?

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can you please explain I tried it but am not get the result if you don’t mind can you explain? it

Chethan P

Before you write your Data Table to the Excel, use a Filter Data Table activity to apply filter on the Date column and remove the value Date from the Date column (use contains). After filtering, the values would have been removed!

Hope this helps, @copy_writes.

I did like this but am not get the result

I am working on this file

When am using the filter i get this

its not delete the last three
Timesheet.xlsx (9.7 KB)

@copy_writes Can you try Writing the Output Datatable to a Different Sheet ?

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@copy_writes, please give this, a go: Filter_DateColumn.xaml (5.8 KB)

The usage of contains makes the DT empty since all the rows contains the word “Date” so, I used a not equal to condition (!=) in Filter Data Table.


Hello make another variable for filter output and write that variable in write range

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Module testing.xaml (8.6 KB)
Please Check below xaml
check output xlsx …Timesheetoutput.xlsx (7.8 KB)
mark as solution…
Happy automation …!!!

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It is working when am using filter in another sheet :slightly_smiling_face: like sheet 2 but if i use in the sheet1 its working but extra line its are come

hear in the sheet 2 its comming proper

but the requirement is i need in the same sheet

Hello @copy_writes ,

Since you write on the same file from were you read data, might be better to remove all the row from the Excel file, than put the filtered data there.

Before writing to Excel, you can use a write cell activity with null value to clean the Excel.

It’s just an idea, I am using this usually to write in the same data source, but empty, with all values removed.

I hope it helps.


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Hello everyone, i got op what you people suggest its work filter data and remove data row both or working and the easy way is filter only i use that after build data table and before final data table i get the proper output now you can check the screen shot bellow and thanks for helping @monsieurrahul @supermanPunch @Mohini_Sarode @wasea


Thanks for help

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Cheers, @copy_writes :slight_smile:

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this also be a solution but we have to put one some activity to delete entire row and column write this also be a great idea thank you very much

Try using Balareva activites as below
Find - It finds text inside excel and return the cell info as array and row index as array

Delete Rows - It deletes contiguous Rows inside excel sheet.

If you don’t know the range, leave it with double quotes. It will use the used range.

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yes we can use this also its depend there requirement write we can find trough LINQ also
Thanks you for another valuable solution for me

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