I need to ADD three columns of "get text" variables into an existing excel document

I have an excel document with a list of names that I used to pull email address, location and title from a website. I now need to add those variable (email address, location and title) to that same excel document that I started with. I am almost finished but I cannot get those variables into the existing data table. I have tried building a data table with those variables and appending the range of the excel table, but that only adds the same names to the bottom of the list, along with the variables for the last name on the list. What am I doing wrong?

Hey Jacquelyn.

What you have to do is to create an Index variable in your For Each Row. Then do a multiple assign, where you write to the corresponding rows.

I’ve solved it for you and attached the workflow. What you need to change is:
Workbook Path (where is your Excel)
The Get Text Selectors - Use your Own
If you have different column names in the excel file than “Email”, “Location” and “Title”, change them in the left side of the multiple assign.

Kind regards, Anders

Main.xaml (12.1 KB)