I need help while using selector

I am facing an issue while using selector. when i am trying to identify an element in snov application, i am trying to use strict selector and identify an element. But the issue is, the code was working two days back. But when opened today, the validate button in strict selctor is in red color. When i clicked repair and try to map it to the element, the webctrl is having the same value but now the element is highlighted. There were no browser updates/code updates…what might be the reason and how to handle this.

might be the element that you are looking for was not able to find .
use check app state or element exists if appears then do whatever you want to with that element.
give wait for page load as complete.

HI, Can You please use the Fuzzy Selector to set the value to 0.8 so if any updates happen in the browser it won’t effect to the selector.