I need help to resolve below issue

I have an Data table values which are not in same position for every run.

Example : row(0) is having all the values as mentioned below. I need to pick only Mobile and number fr that DT… Also for every sheet the mobile no won’t be in same row it may come at row(9) or row(10). Also this data won’t be having header…

  1. Member
    Name : abc
    Gender: male
    Is international
    Mobile 1110000111 email id
    Note : eligible
    Number status 0

Above mentioned all details will be in one column with spaces in between

I need only mobile 110000111 value in one sheet else one variable

You can write to text file
Then with the help of regex you can extract the phone number
and then you can write it into the sheet

Can you send me input sheet so that I can give a try
and get your requirement

Hi @Shru_6 ,

One of many ways :

  1. Use Output Datatable activity to convert the Datatable to Text. Let’s say the Output variable as strDT.

  2. We can then perform regex operations on this string data.


Expression :



array=datatablevariable.AsEnumerable.select(function(x) x("Columnname).tostring).where(function(r) r.contains(“Mobile”)).toarray


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Processing: IMG20230824150705.jpg…

I did not get the input please check once

How to use expression after output data table…
Please share screenshots…

Hi @Shru_6

Try this:

mobileNumber = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(row("YourColumn").ToString(), "(?<=Mobile\s)[\d]+").Value

Hope it helps!!

Take assign activity then
in save to—take one variable
in value to save–System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(strDT,“(?<=Mobile\s+)\d+”).Value
take write line and give that variable

I used this expression I am able to see result in array of string, how ever I will be having different sheets I need to go to each sheet and fetch only mobile numbers…

Please elaborate with ss…


Use Getworkbook sheets Activity it will fetch all the sheets names

Use For Each and pass the output of worbook activity

inside use read range activity and in the sheets pass the Current item

below that use the above mentioned syntax you will get the output


if you face any issue let me know

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Mobile no is null

Hi @Shru_6

Can you share the dummy data excel so that we can help you.


Dear Shiva,

Thanks for clear information,

correct me I am facing issue check ss


see by using for each row and checking the each row will it take more time as which Parvathy





It will works


Hi @Shru_6

Use the below regular expressions



Hope it helps!!