I need help for retry my each sequence

Hello guys,
I need help to retry sequence if it get stuck because of any reason.
below img is for reference.

Q. Suppose my process is at D5 sequence is for add lease form is there. if it get stop due to Selector or anything else.
so at that time either it should refresh and restart again on same page or i will fill that manually and restart next sequence D6

please let me know which way is possible and how ?

Yeah, you can use retry activity to restart the process again from the starting. But you need to check EMPTY FIELDS BEFORE property to clear the existing value and then re-enter the value @prashantP

Or, just use try catch activity to skip to next activity if the activity fails

Hi @HareeshMR

Thanks for quick replay.

I don’t start process from the beginning i just only the error page restart that process.

regarding try catch can you pls share by create sample workflow ?

For whatever activity you want to retry or skip, you can place that particular activity only inside the scope of the activity @prashantP

Please try using both the activities, let me know if you have any issues