I need help for Regex!

Hello Friends!

So i need a RegEx Pattern for following Problem:

I have a Variable Amount of Documents with the Same Structure

But in the Documents are Informations like First and Lastnames, Emails, Phone Numbers etc.

So now i need a Regex Pattern for this:

First Name: (Comment: Name could be like:) Eric but also like (Paul Ericsen) so ne Real Structure looks like this:

First Name: Eric Paul
Last Name: Paulsen Stevesen
Email: eric.paulsen@Paulsen.com Paul.Steve018@Gmail.com
Phone Number: +31 (0) 123 4567895 0123 45678954

Each Site is (Left Eric, Right Paul) Stays for a Own Person

i Need a Pattern for each Dynamic way. So that the Pattern would Match: Eric, but also a Name Like Ann Katrin


You can try with this expression (?<=First Name:).*

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(input,"(?<=First Name:).*").Value

Replace first name with other values to get each of it

And fot email as it can be in multiple line try like this (?<=Email:)(.|\n)*(?=Phone Number)

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(input,"(? <=Email:)(.|\n)*(?=Phone Number)",RegexOptions.Multiline).Value

Hope this helps



Hey Thank you for your Fast Response, but the Blog Post deleted my formation of the Text

It should had look like this:

First Name: Eric | Paul

Last Name: Paulsen | Stevesen

Email: Eric.paulsen@paulsen.com | Paul.Steve017@gmail.com

Phone Number: +31(0) 123 4567895 | 0123 123456789

But in the Real Document there are no |

But for your Understanding, the | seperates Two individually Person and so Individually Outputs


After extracting you can split on space str.Split(" "c) then you can get each value separately…

For phone number are there any specific number of number? Like a specific count?