I need help about detecting a "error message" popup which display for few seconds

Note: have checked multiple activities but unable to do it

Try https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/on-image-appear

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New Error Popup:

Thanks @postwick , In my mentioned query your suggestion worked fine , but i changed the case and error message (shown in this image) it also detected it ,but actual i indicated image was the above one .What i basically want , i want to make case on bases of these errors shown in these two pop-ups (green and orange)

Image i want to detect only:

Are you able to get a selector for that red or green box, or the text within it?

Nope , i am unable to fetch text from it


Is bot selecting entire page when you want to click on Green popup?

yes , bot fills all the fields displaying above the first image and then i want to fetch the popup.