I need click on enter button on Mobile device

I need click on Keyboard Enter button on Mobile device. please help me on that how i will click on enter button on Mobile device

You can use the “Send Hotkey” Activity for that one

  1. Open Your Mobile Automation Project:
    Make sure you have your mobile automation project open in UiPath.
  2. Drag and Drop the “Send Hotkey” Activity:
    In your workflow, drag and drop the “Send Hotkey” activity to the appropriate location where you want to simulate pressing the “Enter” key.
  3. Configure the “Send Hotkey” Activity:
    Double-click on the “Send Hotkey” activity to configure it. In the properties pane, you can set the following:
    Key: Set this to "[k(enter)]" (without the quotes). This indicates that you want to send the “Enter” key press.
    Modifiers: Leave this empty unless you need to use a modifier key (e.g., Ctrl, Alt) in combination with “Enter.”
  4. Indicate the Element or Field:
    To specify which element or field should receive the “Enter” key press, you may need to indicate the element using UiPath’s UI Explorer or another method depending on your mobile automation setup. Make sure the correct element is active or focused before sending the “Enter” key.
  5. Save and Run the Workflow: Save your workflow and run it on your mobile device. The “Send Hotkey” activity will simulate pressing the “Enter” key, which should trigger the desired action on the mobile application.