I need actionable data for analytics. Orchestrator does not have enough. Anything else besides UIPATH Insights?

We just built our first RPA process. I need to start collection good actionable data and what Orchestrator spits out is not enough. Any help on how to build this into Studio or is there another way to retrieve more data than what Orchestrator shows in Queues and Robot Logs? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hi Archie, have you looked at UiPath Insights? - https://www.uipath.com/product/rpa-insights

If Insights doesn’t work for your need; you can write data you are interested in as part of your process into Data Service (or another storage database) and then report on top of it.


Yes. We have looked into Insights. Looks like the answer but we are looking for alternatives within the already established infrastructure. I like your idea of writing stuff into Data Service. Thanks for your assiatance.

Glad to hear that Archie, happy to help!

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