I keep getting 0/100 for assignment1 (calculate security hash)

It runs fine in my system. There is no instructor comment also. I am confused on what the issue is. All the WI5 items are moved to completed status . Can anyone help.ACME_System.zip (96.9 KB)

Hi @rahulraj987

Please check this section of you acme account to see report.

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Please note that grading is not only based on whether or not the process runs successfully, but that the structure of your project matches what the walkthrough suggests that you do. For full credit, you must follow the walkthrough and perform the steps as expected.

Also, make sure that your process runs after having reset the Acme data. Do this multiple times to be sure there is nothing that breaks your process.


Thanks for that mate. completed 14 correct Items 0 . I dont see any comment on why it was failed.I checked each items and I can see it updated with hashcodes and marked as complete

Hello @rahulraj987

As mentioned above on @Anthony_Humphries’s post, do a reset on the acme website and do check weither you pass the correct hash code…

Follow the above link to check your hash code… :point_down:

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Resolved now . I had two issues

  1. there was space in the countryName, CLientId
    2)Had wrongly set transaction number as 1 and the first WI5 was not picking

@mz3bel , @Anthony_Humphries , @unknownay - Thanks guys for the help

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