I have to take value from notepad saved in folder and to be filled in table

- value from notpad to be filled here
- value to be taken from notepad in a folder and take value and to be pasted in pic1

helpme out

Hi @senthil.it89,

Check the workflow, it will help you to read the text file from a folder and pass the data to excel. You can ignore the excel part and implement to insert in the application you have shown.
TextToExcel.xaml (13.2 KB)

after reading text file how , which activity helps me to write the output into application , kindly asist.

Hi @senthil.it89,

Please use type into activity to write the data into application field.


Hi @senthil.it89 Once you read the text from the notepad, you can use type into or set text activity to write into the application. Comparatively, set text activity is more fast.


Write TextFile will create another text file.

Already you have the notepad file, so you use Read Text file to read the contents.

Now you can put typeinto or set text activity to type into to required application

Hope this helps


Many thanks for all it worked fine.