I have to get previous created folder

Hi all, My BOT generated daily back folder but I have to get previous Created folder from my backup folders

Any one please

Shaik Muktharvalli

Hi @shaik.muktharvalli1

This expression would get you the latest file

Str_Path = Directory.GetFiles(yourfolder_path,“*.xlsx”).OrderByDescending(Function(d) New FileInfo(d).CreationTime).Tolist(0)
Directory.GetDirectories("yourdirectorypath").[Select](Function(d) New DirectoryInfo(d)).Where(Function(d) d.CreationTime.Date.Equals(Datetime.Now.Date)).ToList()


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Hi @shaik.muktharvalli1

  1. Get Current Date:
    Use the Now function to get the current date. Assign this value to a variable, e.g., currentDate.
  2. Calculate Previous Date:
    Subtract one day from the current date to get the previous date. You can do this using the AddDays function.
   Assign activity:
   previousDate = currentDate.AddDays(-1)
  1. Format Date as String:
    Convert the previous date to a string with the desired format (e.g., “yyyyMMdd”). You can use the ToString function for this.
   Assign activity:
   previousDateString = previousDate.ToString("yyyyMMdd")
  1. Build the Path to the Previous Backup Folder:
    Assuming that your backup folders are named using the date (e.g., “Backup_20231011”), you can now construct the path to the previous backup folder by concatenating the folder base path and the previousDateString variable.
   Assign activity:
   backupFolderPath = "C:\YourBackupBasePath\Backup_" + previousDateString
  1. Check if the Folder Exists:
    To ensure that the folder exists before accessing it, you can use the Directory.Exists function. If the folder exists, proceed with your backup operations.
   If (Directory.Exists(backupFolderPath)) Then
       ' Access the previous day's backup folder
       ' Handle the case where the folder does not exist
   End If
  1. Access the Previous Backup Folder:
    Within the “If” block where the folder exists, you can perform any operations needed on the previous day’s backup folder.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @shaik.muktharvalli1

backupFolder = "C:\YourBackupFolder"
out_backupFolder = Directory.GetDirectories(backupFolder).OrderByDescending(Function(x) DateTime.ParseExact(Path.GetFileName(x), "yyyyMMdd", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)).FirstOrDefault()

not latest file , i have to get previous latest folder

Check out this? @shaik.muktharvalli1

for your calrity


I have to get previous updated folder ( In image one folder generated 8:38AM and another one generated 8:39AM) then I have to get previous one means 8:38AM folder

Hi @shaik.muktharvalli1

Folders=Directory.GetDirectories("C:\Users\lrtetala\Documents\UiPath\BlankProcess12\New folder")

SortedFolders=Folders.OrderBy(Function(dir) New DirectoryInfo(dir).LastWriteTime).First

Hope this helps!!

Check out this thread @shaik.muktharvalli1


Please check on this xaml

BlankProcess12.zip (55.2 KB)


can you vaibales type please

can you show vaibales type please



Here is the latest folder

please run this subfolders then i have to get “New Folder 2” because its previous updated folder


Try this

Please find the below xaml

BlankProcess12.zip (57.4 KB)

Hope this helps!!


Folders=Directory.GetDirectories("C:\Users\lrtetala\Documents\UiPath\BlankProcess12\New folder")

SortedFolders=Folders.OrderBy(Function(dir) New DirectoryInfo(dir).LastWriteTime).ToArray()


Not working bro…it taking another folder not take excepted folder


Can you share screenshot of your process workflow or xaml because it is working for me

Once confirm the below result you wanted