I have to click different link in same page and download xlsx file

Hello l,

Below shows image there is in pending section there is (initial screening, continues screening,watchlist added,watchlist updated) I have to click on level 1 in each section
Den we get another window and there is an option to download the file so I have to do this how much pending are available

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@suraj_gaikwad Can you re-upload the image? It does not show. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes suret* !


Have any idea about this


@suraj_gaikwad I see the image now but not clear what exactly is the issue or the help you need. Can you elaborate on the issue/question? Thanks!

Above shows image I have to click on the L1:Level 1 in each means

  1. Initial screening Level 1
  2. Continues screening Level
  3. Watchlist added 1 Level 1
    4)Watchlist Updated 1Level 1 click

These all I have to click But

After click process 1 I have to download the xlsx file from all screening which I mentioned names




Issue solve just assign the names which indicates on image in variable
And take if condition and pass that variable and take click activity and pass the variable in that selector so whenever bot run get that names and it’s visible there so bot will click L1 Level 1


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