I have this problem, my process stop for no reason

Transaction item is null.

Please check whether you have any transactions to process

where can i check that plz ?

Before looping the data , You can able to check it

i tried but i found nothing, that’s why i am asking help :slight_smile:

Can you share the screenshot here ?

which part ?

Before your try catch block . Need to know what you get as transaction item.


Can you put the below in message box and check whether u get values


if like this, nothing happened

You have set TransactionItem is nothing and you are using messagebox to populate the same. ?

Before getting the transactionitem to process. Check whether it holds any value or not.

show ur try block .



use the above query in message box
place above invoke get transactiondata workflow

like this ? :


can you help me plz @karthick

Error Occurred as you dont have anything in transactionitem.

You please check where you are getting this transactionitem value .