I have these errors can anyone help me?

Hi @pauloengenharia5 ,

Could you check if there are any faulty dependencies?
It usually shows up in red if it requires repair.

Either that, or you are missing few packages.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

@pauloengenharia5 please update the activity because it need changes according to updated packages

Hello @pauloengenharia5 , It occurs when you transfer project from one machine to another machine. Because of Dependency missing or activity missing version issue.
Open manage package and download the required actvity, it will rectfy it.

If all actvity downloaded, though facing an issue, Downgrade or upgrade your actvities.

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Hi, @pauloengenharia5 you need update the dependencies in studio, but if you are using the last studio version and the compatibility is whit “windows” may be you need change your package and activities

Rodrigo Neira

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but something strange is happening, I downgrade and save but it automatically goes back to the same version

Do you use custom library? I got similar issues when i tried to modify the custom library(deleted and changed many things) then updated the package in other project. That project got same issues as yours too.

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