I have the output excel in the Initialize All Applications I want to read the excel pass the argument as a data row to the Process state

I have the output excel in the Initialize All Applications
I want to read the excel pass the argument as a data row
to the Process state


Read the excel and assign the datatable to transactiondata

And change transactionitem to datarow

And in get transaction data use

If condition with in_Transactionnumber <= io_transactiondata.Rowcount

On then side use out_transactionitem = io_transactiondata.Rows(in_transactionnumber-1)

And on else side use out_transactionitem = Nothing

Now transactionitem ahould be datarow


actually this is my full workflow
but i don’t know how to do that can you plz help me

InitiAllApplications workflow


  1. Download the attachment from Outlook and store it in the folder.

  2. Retrieve the file path of the downloaded file and store the path in an Excel file

  3. Read the Excel file that contains the stored path.

  4. Create the arguments and pass them to the “Process State” function.


Process State


  1. Retrieve the attachment path, split the PDF into individual pages, and extract the information from each page.
    ** I need the in_outfile** in the process state

  2. Store the extracted information in an Excel file in the output folder.

  3. Push the output file to the queue.



That is what i expalined you above…

Read excel to datatable should be in init all applications
And then follow the instructions given above in get transaction data

And change the transactionitem to datatow everywhere


but this argument not appear in the Process state

Can you plz help me
can u elaborate this process please


transactionitem is the argument that will be there in process…currently it would be queueitem type…you have to change it to datarow…and use that to pass each row…and each row passing logic is to be included in get transaction data and the logic to include is what I gave as steps in the previous comment


i Completed the Step in Get transaction state

but in the init app application this is crt?


For loop is not needed…just read range and read data to transaction data is enough

assigning each is taken care in get transaction data

I hope you change transactionitem to datarow in all xamls and linked them in import arguments


Yes i change the datarow in all state’s and import too,

there is no default transactiondata variable (datatable)


This is the exact name



i want to create the varaible here
like dt_TransactionData


In ref it will be present already

is this inside some other xaml again?

if so create and pass it out as out argument and link it to the above variable in main xaml



Please follow

this is Correct?


Dt_transactiondata should be of datatable type

And please link it in import arguments in your initialize state in main.xaml


Now It’s Correct?


Perfect…this is how it is…i hope all transaction items are also linked in process and get transaction and main

If they are linked you are done


outside the process workflow Truncation item can view

inside the process workflow

Y ?
may be I want pass the argument

how to pass the data in the process state


Inside it is in_transactionitem

you need to link in import arguments