I have tenant username and password but i dont have any orchestrator in machine

i have tenant username and password of enterprise server but on this machine no any orchestartor installed for on premises server …my question is that how i find the installed orchestartor by using tenant username and password…when there is not showing tenant login on any platform.

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Hi @bhala
Orchestrator is a web base platform
It’s not install on pc , you have to find the orchestrator url
Are you user or admin of your platform ?

yes i am user …but orchestartor of enterprise server is installed …i am correct ?

i have tenant credentials of enterprise server…then how i login to orchestarator.?


Do you have URL of your Enterprise Orchestrator ?

If yes then go to that page and provide credentials to login into Orchestrator.

no sir…i have only credential…is this credentials is not enough to login enterprise orchestrator?..

how can we get that enterprise orchestrator url from only credentials?. is it possible

how we can find sir?

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Hi @lakshman
Your url can find on following

1.Go to the server that orchestrator installed
2. Go to iis
3 . Select your orchestrator
4. It will available to see on their
5. Also you can call ; localhost from the same server will open your orchestrator