I have stored value - 'feb - 19' in a variable called month. I want to find this value in the below data table using the variable.plz help?

Hi @Gaurav07

Can you elaborate your use case so that I can understand it and help you?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I have two excel files - file 1 and file 2. I have to get value for month field from file 1(feb - 19) in this case and then write data in file2 under columns - %splits and Barrels for that month. My approach is I am saving the month in a variable called month, then using for each loop as shown below - > I am getting error in write cell where I am trying to pass range in form of variable - rowinsplitdurango : column.
rowinsplitdurango - row index that I have using lookup range. Now I need to write values in file 2 for %splits and Barrels for that month so how can I manipulate range like -
rowinsplitdurango +1 : column +1

May i know what are you entering in the cell in the write cell activity?
Keep in mind you have to change the column to a letter. Valid values are “B11” etc

in the write cell I will be entering a variable which will have different values for each iteration. but in the range parameter I want to enter a variable instead of cell address like B11. For eg. there are 10 iterations in I have 10 different values each time to be written in the excel which I can store in a variable but how can I go to different cells each time to write the value.

You may use a variable instead of cell address but the variable has to be a string with “YX” with Y being a letter and X being a number. Based on your attached screenshot, may i know the error message in the field “rowin…”? I suspect that your variable is not in the correct format, otherwise may you shared your excel and workflow files.


I have attached the excel file. I need to complete following steps -\

  1. iterate through all sheets - Done using workbooksheets activity
  2. Find value - ‘feb-19’ which I have stored in a variable called month.
  3. Under this month I have to enter values which I have stored in data table variables for columns (%split and Barrels)

Splits_Durango_Staging_2019.xlsx (20.6 KB)