I have installed Browser extension for Chrome and Edge, When i try to test from Studio Pro it crashes

uipath web automation crash

When I try to debug the browser automation, extension of edge or chrome crashes… and brower stop working

It happened with chrome and edge.

I review forum similar cases but it was on 2018 and the solutios proposed to go to an early version didnt work, i have added uipath and browers to windows defender exceptions… but behavior is the same.

i start to test recording and it crashes at first step (open browser)

thanks so much for any help…

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I have a job that uses the UiPath Chrome Extension and I am having this same issue.

I am running from a VDI that has the extension installed and enabled - version 9.0.6821.
When I run the Bot from system tray, or from Orchestrator, the job communicates with Chrome without issue.
But when I run the Bot from Studio (2019.10.4), either Run or Debug:

  • Chrome starts up and immediately shows a pop-up ‘UiPath Web automation has crashed’
  • Logs show: ‘Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.’

This is 100% repeatable and happens on the 3 VDIs I have tried it on.


I’ve ran into the same problem. Did you find a solution to this?