I have few questions below please answer me. iam in learning stage of uipath

i have few questions below please answer me. I am in learning stage of uipath.

1.how to select the selector of the message box when it is called in the sequence process.
2. how to handle the unwanted popup which are not selected with the selector.
3. how to handle the progress bar in uipath sequence process.
4.how to handle the buttons on a web page without recording process.

Hi @mkavya159

First of all I would strongly recommend to finish Academy Courses to learn the basic concepts of UiPath. Now to answer you questions

  1. Message Box Activity is there to show something while developing and to get users response in terms of yes/no, As you can see there is no Selector option given for this particular activity

2.You can use Click image, Image Exists, Element Exists such sort of combination to handle that
3. You can use On Element Appear, On Image Appear, On Image Vanish and Image Exists activities
4. This can also be handle by Click Image activities.

But again if you complete the Academy Training it would make more sense


thanks alot prankur,
could please update me the below details.

is there any ie extenders for uipath i am not able to find in the uipath extenders
iam trying to write the sql connection with sql yog data base does this database is supported with uipath