I have excel file from that excel file i have to check condition on column primary mail address


Read excel from row 16
Check if Email - Primary Work column has blank, emtec, cushwake, ashling .com then dont add that row to queue.
Check the valid format of the mail.
Add the record to queue with column Employee ID, First name, Last name, Hire Date, Email - Primary Work

HCM0200 - Joiners Report - with Requisition - NC - Weekly 2021-04-26 06_47 CDT (1).xlsx (30.1 KB)
please please help me out i have to use regular expression

is there anybody who is help me please

Hey @Sandhya_Gajare use linq query to filter the datatable first
dtinput.asenumerable.where(function(row) not row(columnname).tostring.tolower.contains(“.com”) or not row(columnname).tostring.tolower.contains(“emtec”) or not row(columnname).tostring.tolower.contains(“cushwake”) or not row(columnname).tostring.tolower.contains(“ashling”) or row(columnname).tostring.length>0).copytodatatable

Then loop this new datatable and push values of row to queue


Sreejith S S

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I need to use regular expression

please guys help me out on my query

Can you describe more what you need to extract using regex?


Sreejith S S

It looks like the duplicate post

Hello @Sandhya_Gajare

You can check the below thread or can use the below expression in a isMatch activity.



  1. A-Z0-9._%- ↩︎